Sonae Arauco Knowledge Academy (SAKA) has recently been chosen by The European Round Table for Industry (ERT) as one of the case studies to highlight Inclusion & Diversity within 20 of European industry’s biggest and best known brands.

For Elvira Fernandes Cardoso, Group Training & SAKA Manager, “SAKA is the sum total of all our knowledge. It allows our employees to reskill while meeting the company’s, the market’s and current world’s demands”. Elvira believes that “the combination of solid knowledge and the adequate skills are the foundation of a path towards excellence”. This is how, according to the manager, “the knowledge that we have been acquiring for the past 50 years will make a difference.”

The success of SAKA lays on the development of an innovative training experience that takes on new learning formats, like gamification, allowing to cherish each age group and, above all, take advantage of the diversity that is increasingly more present in our company.

This project is a reinforcement of our aim to unleash the full potential of a diverse workforce – ensuring that there are no limits for all our employees to access to our company’s knowledge.

The ERT publication addresses various dimensions of Inclusion & Diversity, namely gender, age, disability, ethnic groups, LGBT+ or support to victims, with the goal of accommodating demographic diversity and cognitive diversity.

In this toolkit you will also find a project from Sonae MC, from our shareholder Sonae, dedicated to “Reverse Mentoring”.

If you are interested in acquiring the ERT I&D Toolkit, you can download it here: