We chatted with the architect Maria da Paz Dias about the space she created at Sleep In Porto this year, exclusively using Innovus decorative products.

S. João Baptista Fort, in Porto, hosted a selection of tourist accommodation spaces designed for tourists with different profiles, from 25 May to 4 June. Although Innovus references were used in the construction of most of the spaces in the exhibition, which not only reflects the versatility of the collection but also its quality, it was in the environment created by the architect Maria da Paz Dias that one of the main characters of the event came to life exclusively through the Innovus products. We asked Maria da Paz Dias what, after all, made her choose the range of Innovus products for this project.

1. Sleep In Porto is a very original and relevant event for the Architecture and Interior Design sector in Portugal. What do you think of this year's Sleep in Porto?

Maria da Paz Dias - I liked taking part. I think it was positive. It is an event that gives visibility among the target audience to professionals of the sector.

2. What was the inspiration for the creation of your project?

Maria da Paz Dias - The character attributed to me by the producer of the event was an Angolan from the upper levels of government, who always travelled with 20 pairs of shoes and liked whiskey.

3. Why did you decide to exclusively use Sonae Arauco - Innovus products?

Maria da Paz Dias - Because they are fantastic products with a very wide range, which gave me quite a lot of flexibility in creating the space.

4. What feature do you recognise in the Innovus products that made you choose them to build your environment?

Maria da Paz Dias – The Innovus products are original and resistant; I quite like them. I did not know them beforehand, and so I was pleasantly surprised. They will become part of my work portfolio, from now on.

5. What did you think of the other projects in the exhibition? What was your favourite and why?

Maria da Paz Dias – In general, everyone respected the character attributed. My favourite was AB Projects for its originality, simplicity and design.

6. What are your allies in the development of your architectural projects?
Websites, magazines and architecture books.

Please see here the Photo Gallery and Video of the Projects created.