Innovus Stucco and Fusion finishes elected best in the Materials and Products category

Sonae Arauco took first place in the Materials and Products category in the Innovation in Construction awards with the new Innovus decorative product finishes: Stucco and Fusion.

Vasco Albuquerque, Innovus Brand Manager, received the award at the prize-giving ceremony held on 13th July, at the headquarters of the Portuguese Engineers Association in Lisbon.

Sonae Arauco is focusing on continuous development of new products, combining innovation with functionality, quality and the design of the actual product, always with the aim of offering a wider range of solutions to the different segments.

Development of the new Stucco and Fusion finishes, winners of the Innovation Award, began in 2016 and they were introduced to the specialised public in May this year at the Interzum trade show in German – the world's leading trade show for furniture production and interior design, where over two thousand people visited the company's stand.

Part of the Innovus decorative products offer, Stucco and Fusion are finishes for melamine boards and can be used in a variety of indoor spaces. They stand out particularly for their texture, which gives them an exclusive and distinctive touch.

Stucco is a brand new product on the market, inspired by industrial environments, urban lofts and materials of a natural origin. It has a cement texture and a touch of ceramics on a structured surface, which is highly tactile and very comfortable and has a balanced level of gloss. It makes it possible to create environments resembling rocky landscapes.
Available in five colours, this product is environmentally sustainable because it recreates cement without actually using it.

Fusion has a warm, natural texture, reminiscent of hand carved new wood. It was developed to be used on all kinds of materials, making it possible to design warm, cosy atmospheres.

The products with these finishes are designed to be used on a wide range of spaces, such as bedrooms or living rooms, kitchens or bathrooms, restaurants or hotels, healthcare or educational establishments, as well as for finishes or doors.

The Innovation in Construction awards began in 2014 with the aim of publicising best practices and commitment from companies in the development of new materials, equipment and products. They are organised by Área Associativa - Comunicação e Serviços, the publishing company responsible for several specialised publications in the construction sector.