Stucco and Fusion are the names of the two new finishes Innovus will be using to diversify its range and reflect the most recent market trends.

Always with the aim of providing the most innovative solutions to the different segments, Sonae Arauco is focusing on continuous development of new products and decorative finishes, combining innovation with product functionality, quality and design.

Stucco, the ceramic texture
The Stucco finish is inspired by industrial environments, urban lofts and materials of a natural origin. It feels like cement with a touch of ceramics on a structured surface, which is comfortable and tactile and has a balanced level of gloss. The Stucco finish can be used to recreate environments reminiscent of rocky landscapes.
This finish is available in five new decors and it is environmentally sustainable because it recreates cement without actually using it. Stucco is also available in another four Innovus range decors.

Fusion, the texture of wood
In turn, the Fusion finish has a warm, natural texture, reminiscent of hand carved wood. This finish was developed to be used on all kinds of materials, making it possible to design warm, cosy atmospheres.

In addition to seven new decors, Fusion is also available in ten other decors already well-known on the market.

Multiple uses
The products that have Stucco and Fusion finishes are designed to be used in a wide range of spaces, such as bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, restaurants or hotels, as well as for finishes or doors.