The companies worked together to develop 3D mouldable wood fibre composites, which will allow new design options to be created

Last month, SONAE ARAUCO and BASF received the AVK Innovation Award in the "Innovative products/composites or applications" category, with a product both companies developed together: 3D mouldable wood fibre composites. The award-winning product is a distinctive product which will give the furniture industry a stable composite that can be hot-formed. 

The 3D mouldable wood fibre composites are an innovative, wood-based product, which has the interesting characteristic of being post-mouldable. It originated in BASF's new acForm binder technology.

Due to the specific binder fibre composition, the new composite allows all three spatial axes to be formed at the same time.

In addition, Sonae Arauco's Product Development Manager guarantees that the use of acForm permits "higher productivity and lower costs for customers, when compared to current conventional embedded processes, such as plywood, deep rooted panels and bended HDF". Adelaide Alves also added that acForm allows for "a wealth of applications in all segments of the furniture and construction market". With these alternatives, Sonae Arauco is offering new design options for the furniture industry with 3D moulding.