Big show truck comes to the Nettgauer Sonae Arauco plant.

Tipping over forklifts, vibration simulator or the newest “jump scale”: what might sounds dangerous, should be anything but daring. The German employer's liability insurance association (BGHW) and its show truck will arrive at the Sonae Arauco plant in Nettgau on 31st May. The employees thus have the opportunity to experience work safety and health protection live.

Carsten Tölle, Health & Safety Manager at Sonae Arauco, says: "We want to point out and put people aware of the dangers and hazards." Employees are given the opportunity to try out and experience new aspects in the context of transport themselves, thanks to exhibits such as a fork-lift truck simulator, a safety stacker with a swivel seat or a tail lift with fall protection.

"Through such actions, the theoretically learned can be experienced - without having to expose oneself to unnecessary dangers," explains Tölle. The 40-ton truck exhibit was already on tour in the Sonae Arauco plant in Beeskow to inform about the latest developments in occupational safety and health.