Find out how Stucco and Fusion finishes can be the perfect ally for your commercial and hotel spaces

The way spaces are conceived and developed can determine how we perceive them. Naturally, the materials we choose have a strong influence on the final result of each project – and when we work on commercial spaces or hotels, visited by diverse and varied publics, the attention paid to the choice of materials must be redoubled.

Architecture and interior design have the power to transform spaces using the elements chosen – colours, textures and finishes come in a wide range of options to awaken different emotions.

Architecture trends in retail and hotels

Trends dictate that the choice of decors to be used in the development of projects can fall on options simulating natural materials, such as stone or wood. So, wooden elements bring naturalness and the organic look that conduct to appealing commercial spaces or elegant and comfortable hotel spaces.

The lighting in these environments is another key element in a commercial area or hotel room. To highlight a special product or create an intimate atmosphere, the use of light colours can open up spaces and give a sense of depth. The contrast between light and dark shades, on the other hand, provides an interesting colour play and brings movement to a commercial setting, for highlighting specific areas and outlining the different spaces.

Although colour plays an important role in defining the mood of each space, texture continues to be the centre of attention. Structured ceramic surfaces with a cement touch, like Stucco, and warm surfaces that take you back to handcrafted wood, like Fusion, can be the perfect allies for different public spaces.

Stucco and Fusion finishes from Innovus collection

Stucco and Fusion finishes from the Innovus collection by Sonae Arauco are the most complete solution for creating new concepts and disruptive projects. Characterised by their ability to set things apart, these finishes will let you develop innovative projects that provide an unparalleled consumer experience. If you want to develop a hotel space in light shades, where elegance and a sense of calm reign, or a commercial space with bold colour contrasts, Stucco is certainly the answer. Try Pozzolana, Yin Marble or Yang Marble for contrasts that will make your space engaging.

Alternatively, to appeal to natural, organic elements, try evoking the comfort and warm, natural touch of wood with Fusion. Bari Oak Natural and Salerno Oak Golden will highlight your setting with the effect you want.

Perfect settings demand perfect finishes. Choose them now.