OSB panels (oriented strand board) are particularly suitable for use in the construction industry.
The three bonded layers of long wood strands arranged at right angles to each other provide a panel with excellent Elasticity Modulus and Bend Resistance values.
OSB formats assure high versatility in building walls which, along with its moisture resistant properties, make this a unique product. This product is suitable for practically all kinds of roofs, including bitumen, bricks and tiles. When used in combination with solid wood to form L-junctions, construction becomes cheaper and simpler.
OSB is also excellent for flooring, from use in dry domestic conditions to use in high moisture conditions. It has a tongue and groove system on 2 or 4 edges, for fixed or floating floors.
OSB also provides a wide range of decorative options due to its natural wood pattern and its ease of varnishing and use of other textures, making it an excellent solution for the furniture industry and interior decoration.
In the packing industry, under wet or dry conditions, OSB gives a higher cost-benefit ratio due to its resistance and lightness and because it is available in large sizes.
Last, but by no means least, OSB is a truly eco-efficient option with excellent mechanical performance. The raw material used is small logs of previously selected wood.


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