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Sonae Arauco launches wood solutions for sustainable construction in Iberia

Sonae Arauco is about to launch two sustainable and innovative solutions in wood fibre for roof and walls construction on the Iberian market in response to the growing demand for more sustainable, ecological and carbon neutral solutions in construction projects, thus reinforcing its commitment to contribute to a more sustainable economy and a more sustainable planet.

“Europe wants to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 and the construction sector is crucial for meeting this goal. Thus, the use of wood – a sustainable material and a source of CO2 retention – in construction and refurbishing projects is taking on an increasingly important role. The launch of AGEPAN® solutions in Iberia will provide this sector with a more sustainable alternative to traditional options. Apart from the environmental advantages, AGEPAN® solutions also have a positive impact on wellbeing, safety and on the economy”, says João Berger, Chief Marketing & Sales Officer at Sonae Arauco.

The AGEPAN® SYSTEM by Sonae Arauco makes construction and remodelling projects with wood fibre products more ecological and affordable in comparison to the traditional materials used in construction work.

The products AGEPAN® DWD T&G and AGEPAN® THD T&G are made from wood fibres. They assure high quality, functionality and reliability and protect buildings from external factors such as the sun, rain, wind, snow and hailstone. AGEPAN® THD T&G ensures excellent acoustic insulation in houses and buildings, thus reducing sound pollution.

  • AGEPAN® DWD T&G: a rigid, stable and permeable wood fibreboard, that protects against wind and rain, and can be used as an underlay or sheathing panel in walls and roofs, with or without structural function.

  • AGEPAN® THD T&G: a wood fibre insulation board, completely hydrophobic, used as an underlay insulation as well as an underlay or sheating panel in roofs and walls.



AGEPAN® wood fibreboards achieve class A and A+ indoor air quality, according to the French VOC regulation, and the construction work done using these solutions takes less time. Due to THD T&G insulating properties against dampness, heat and cold, the use of the AGEPAN® SYSTEM contributes to a heat balance inside the house, with a consequent reduction in energy costs.


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