Innovus Fantasies - bold matches for a fresh start

Innovus Fantasies - bold matches for a fresh start

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At a time marked by unpredictability and a constant need for adaptation, the surrounding spaces can also be reconstructed through the use of innovative materials and unexpected and disruptive combinations.

Unlikely combinations in unpredictable times 
When planning a project, selecting and combining different patterns, colours and textures can be a complex challenge. It is necessary to know how to choose the best texture for the most appropriate design and the most interesting set of colours, which allows for a chromatic play and touch experiences that arouse emotions. The Innovus Collection offers a set of more than 200 decors, divided between fantasies, wood and unicolours, combined with the best finishes. Given the total correspondence between melamine and laminate panels, Innovus decors can be used in any domestic, work or commercial space.

Innovus combinations suggestions - Fantasies with Unicolours and Fantasies with Woods 
For an innovative kitchen - whether you prefer a textured pattern, a rocky design or a ceramic look, Innovus decors enhance the beauty and creativity of your spaces. Create a unique project with the touch of a new and exclusive finish by applying, for example, the F2280 – Urbanstone Chalk decor with a Cosmos finish in an expressive kitchen with its own character, as well as a contemporary appearance. By combining darker wood references, such as M6313 – Exquisite Dark with a Spirit finish, the selected decors will create a bold setting. Your kitchen will be the centre of attention in the home or the soul of your business.

For a welcoming office - the influence of spaces on creativity and productivity is a widely studied topic and construction and decoration, through the choice of colours and patterns for example, determine the working atmosphere. If you prefer an intimate atmosphere with a strong personality, why not use the F2278 – Palazio Gold decor with a Cosmos finish? Combined with a lighter unicolour reference, such as L5233 – Nude with a Super Matt finish, the result will be an office with an unlikely but aesthetically interesting atmosphere.

The antibacterial properties of Innovus 
Innovus products also have melamine surfaces with antibacterial properties and have excellent hygienic properties, thanks to the compact surface for easy cleaning. The antibacterial properties of Innovus melamine surfaces provide comfort and safety to any space, commercial or residential, from offices, kitchens and bathrooms to restaurants and shops, as they offer very unfavourable conditions for the proliferation of bacteria in comparison to other materials.

All of these proposals can be recreated in the 3D Simulator available on the Sonae Arauco website. Discover the wide range of Innovus decors and make a bold match with your projects at this new beginning.

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