The majestic Renaissance ambience in Palazio Gold
The majestic Renaissance ambience in Palazio Gold
17 June

The majestic Renaissance ambience in Palazio Gold

Italy is a country with an ancient culture and beauty standards and a home to well-known painters and sculptors. It is the birthplace of many art movements and continues to inspire architects and designers from around the world.

Renaissance offered us valuable concepts and ideas in order to create harmonious and majestic interior designs, allowing people to escape from the bustle of the big cities.

And when a project demands a special element for a solemn and austere interior space, we travel back to the fervent Renaissance period. Palazio Gold (​​F2278) was, precisely, inspired by the imposing and rich Italian Renaissance palaces.

It presents an impressive marble structure, full of information and details - cracks, stains, scratches -, looking almost translucent in some areas. Its greenish grey version is truly unique and the golden veins add an even more sophisticated and outstanding look.

The Cosmos texture completes perfectly the décor, adding authenticity and a haptic feeling so important nowadays.

Despite its more classical and opulent style, Palazio Gold can be easily balanced and combined with plain colours and more elegant natural woods, resulting in a light distinct ambience.

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