Authentic, sustainable designs for different uses and applications
Authentic, sustainable designs for different uses and applications
24 November

Authentic, sustainable designs for different uses and applications

The new Innovus Collection finds inspiration in nature and culminates in the desire to bring a greater feeling of peace and tranquillity to indoor spaces.

"Matching our nature" is the concept of this collection, which is the company's most sustainable to date, and not just in terms of the high durability of the innovative products.

It explores four different concepts that are part of our lives – Emotional, Sustainable, Functional and Social – and proposes a selection of decors and textures aligned with trends to inspire consumers in their projects and challenges.

In the emotional area, we selected a group of designs that convey sensory messages that bring life and an audacious touch to any environment.

     - WoodWork (M6329) is the perfect choice for trendy modern living furniture, kitchen fronts and innovative projects. Its deep brown shade in contrast with black and red tones creates an impressive and striking result.

     - In the same shade – and ideal for cosmopolitan designs – we present you with French Echo (M6343), an exceptionally versatile decor inspired by Italian walnut. The combination with the Fusion texture underlines the colour movement, the veneer-like tactile feel and the visual elegance.

     - Deer (L5236) is our suggestion for a neutral yet stimulating unicolour that can be combined with woods and neutral decors. Its modern yellow hue brings the warmth of the sun into interior design.

In the sustainability area, we are increasingly focusing on taking a minimalist approach, through sustainable proposals that result in a very natural appearance.

     - Karlstad Oak Pale (M6323) presents a very light, natural oak shade with gentle tonal variations that suggest movement but create a homogeneous appearance. It’s a classic and timelessly beautiful decor ideal for all areas of application, in combination or as a base colour.

     - Canasta (F2323) is a unique reproduction of woven rattan fibres, carefully intertwined and with a tangible feel. It offers a sustainable look, an organic shade and is ideal for special projects and applications.

is present in the multifunctional decors that are easy to match and that provide a discreet, comfortable atmosphere.

     - Gentle Maple (M6347) is a new interpretation of maple with a clean, elegant structure, finely adjusted in terms of colour play. A comfortable and versatile decorative solution for elegant and fresh living furniture, as well as kids' furniture, office applications and mindful projects.

     - When talking about classics in furniture surfaces, linear veneer striped layouts are certainly one of the most notable themes. Eternal Oak (M6349) is the answer for a renewed, upgraded, 21st century version of this classic decorative surface. Detailed down to the last pore, this decor is the best solution for timeless projects.

Finally, as social beings, we need designs that reinforce the versatility and performance of the spaces that are part of our daily routines.

     - Veneto Crystal (F2309) is a discreet reproduction of stone in tranquil and harmonious shades. It’s part of a selection of more subtle fantasies that are easier to combine, which has been launched in the market as Artwork references.

     - Graceful Blonde (M6327) stands out for its less traditional walnut tone and its light natural colour. The pleasing layout of this elegant and versatile walnut decor will fit in perfectly with classic furniture construction, contract fittings and modern interior design

From the simplest to the most complex and daring designs, it’s easy to find the right decorative solution. Whether woods, fantasies, unicolours or a mix of all of these, Innovus brings innovation and beauty to our living spaces.

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