A peaceful ambience with Innovus Avocado
A peaceful ambience with Innovus Avocado
14 September

A peaceful ambience with Innovus Avocado

Green is becoming increasingly popular in interior spaces as it’s a versatile and fashionable choice due to its calming and refreshing qualities. It's associated with nature, growth and harmony, making it an excellent option for creating serene and balanced spaces.


The Innovus Collection has been following the latest trends and now has a brand new decorative solution that adapts to any type of decoration style. Avocado (L969) is a powerful, saturated green with a grey undertone, which harmoniously combines with nature, while at the same time radiating security and self-confidence.


The Soft Clean texture adds a gentle feel to the surface and allies a more matt, modern appearance with the strength and performance required by the most demanding applications.


Like avocado skin, this solid colour is hard to clearly define as it can be more clearly green or grey depending on the lighting (maturity in the case of the fruit). A wonderful shade that regardless of its uniqueness can be easily integrated into kitchen and living room furniture and modern interior projects.


This decor features the sustainability area of the Innovus Collection – Matching our nature which focuses on design for a minimalist approach, through sustainable proposals that result in a very natural appearance.


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