Warm and natural elements for festive aesthetics
Warm and natural elements for festive aesthetics
13 December

Warm and natural elements for festive aesthetics

Christmas brings with it a feeling of nostalgia. The last two years have been influenced by so many uncertainties, so this festive season will challenge us to look for a cosy, more comfortable ambience where we can share happy moments with family and friends.

The singular characteristics of  wood designs will make any space elegant, charming and welcomingInnovus offers a complete selection of sustainable wood decors that add naturalness and let the textures take centre stage. Imperial Walnut (M6293) is our decorative choice for a classical atmosphere. With its powerful rustic walnut texture, this Innovus decor is full of character, colour play and natural elements, such as knots. Its golden brown hue adds an impressive and luxurious touch to modern living spaces.

But the nostalgic and comfortable approach doesn’t mean you can’t sprinkle a little something distinctive into your festive aesthetics. Quite the opposite, as the latest trends have shown that the traditional is being replaced by a maximalist approach: exploring everything we have to the max and bringing the bright and the bold into our homes.

So, we invite you to unleash your creativity by choosing stylish Innovus fantasies for Christmas decorUrbanStone Chalk (F2280) will add depth and interest to your creations. The decor stands out for its cement structure full of special and unique details, enhanced by the rough, organic tactility of the Cosmos finish.

You can also dabble with the use of light and colour to create a different setting. Innovus Chilli (L5214)connects us with nature through its powerful earthy colour and goes perfectly with natural wood and crafted elements. For an even more natural and nurturing design, Camouflage (L5207) is the best choice due to its intense yet calm green hue that brings a fresh lightness to the traditional colour palettes over the Christmas season.

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