Welcome to the trends 2022
Welcome to the trends 2022
02 February

Welcome to the trends 2022

Innovus is starting 2022 optimistically, with great material solutions for the current trends. In doing so, we focus completely on sustainability - in design development too.


Inspired by the original nature
Old values, traditionally established and thus very familiar, are clearly in focus again. Natural, handcrafted, respectable materiality, in look and feel, is valued once again, because it connects us with our origins, nature. It creates a feeling of secure familiarity in uncertain times. Warm, nature-inspired, earthy colours and a soft language of form, paired with fresh accents, create a cosy sense of well-being. An emotional bridge for a positive, optimistic mood.


Functional diversity
Home office and also home schooling, communal cooking, simply spending significantly more time inside your own four walls, are part of the inevitable lifestyle here and now. And the functionality of our furnishings is adapting. The classic boundaries of room architecture are increasingly dissolving and a flexible layout is manifesting itself. Variable areas, personally used as a cosy haven of peace and in the next moment active, in the community too. Clever furnishing solutions that make optimal use of the available space are therefore in demand. Light pastel shades, earthy colour nuances, light wood variants and always a muted matt finish, this is how the furniture surfaces visually support functional diversity.


Sustainable materiality
The topic of ecological sustainability has long since reached the end consumer and is in demand. For Sonae Arauco, the development of sustainable wood-based materials is an integral part of the company's DNA. The biological circular economy is an essential principle here and efficient wood recycling is one of the strategically most important cornerstones.
Authentic materials, i.e. an honest, harmonious blend of look and feel, is also the claim, in the eye of the beholder. Holistic sustainability is playing an increasingly important role in interior design, and not just in terms of the origin of the material. Sustainable design means: no quick trend hype, but creations that we will appreciate for a long time. This is the only way to create durability, an essential factor for the future if we want to keep this, our world, worth living in.

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