10 January 2023

First recyclability certification mark for wooden packaging

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18 May 2022

Innovus MFC wins Green Product Award 2022

The Innovus MFC decorative product range from Sonae Arauco has won the Green Product Award 2022 in the Interior & Lifestyle category.
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14 April 2022

Sonae Arauco subscribes first funding linked to sustainability performance

Sonae Arauco, one of the world's largest wood solutions companies, has subscribed its first funding linked to its sustainability performance (Sustainability-Linked Loan), amounting to 184 million euros. The interest rate may vary according to two ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) indicators: increase in the purchase of recycled wood and decrease in work accidents with sick leave.
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17 January 2022

Sonae Arauco's forestry R&D project assesses the resilience of pine species and provenance

Preliminary results from Sonae Arauco's Forestry Research & Development (R&D) Project, started in 2020, suggest that radiata pine from Chile is more resilient in a Portuguese setting.
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09 March 2021

Sonae Arauco plants 21,600 pine trees on the second stage of its forest R&D Project

Sonae Arauco’s forest Research & Development Project aims to identify the right species for the right place, thus supporting forest producers to significantly increase their production. Only on the first year, the Company will invest 150 thousand euros.
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