Sonae Arauco Plant Nettgau
Sonae Arauco Plant Nettgau

Sonae Arauco to receive wind energy in Germany from April

Green energy on the rise


Sonae Arauco is now taking the next step on its path to climate neutrality. As one of the world's leading companies in the wood-based materials industry, the manufacturer has set itself the task of actively contributing to the sustainable transformation of the construction industry. The latest measure is a Wind Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) concluded for Germany with ENGIE, which comes into force on April 1.


Meppen, January 19, 2023 - A newly constructed German onshore wind farm in the Harz Mountains will supply the plants in Nettgau, Meppen and Kaisersesch with green energy. This is expected to cover around 15 percent of the consumption of the German Sonae Arauco plants. At its site in Beeskow, the company already produces its own energy from biomass. For the energy that ENGIE supplies to Sonae Arauco, the manufacturer receives certificates confirming that it is sourced from renewable energy sources.


"The decisive factor in our decision to purchase wind energy is our desire to reduce our CO2 emissions in the long term," says Dr. Steffen Körner, Managing Director of Sonae Arauco Deutschland GmbH. "The contract with ENGIE initially runs until the end of 2028, which gives us the opportunity to adjust our requirements at the end of the five years. "


Sonae Arauco is committed to the sustainable development of its entire value chain in order to reduce its ecological footprint. The PPA with ENGIE is part of a series of initiatives planned for the company's various industrial sites. The investments in renewable energy will cover a significant proportion of the plants' energy needs and reduce dependence on energy from fossil fuels. These measures are in line with Sonae Arauco's decarbonization goals.


In addition to the use of green energy, Sonae Arauco also contributes to CO2 reduction through its products. As wood has the special ability to store CO2, every year a big amount of CO2 is retained by the products Sonae Arauco puts on the market worldwide. The company is currently driving forward several projects to meet the challenge of climate change.




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