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Sonae Arauco invests in the future of its AGEPAN® SYSTEM for construction in Meppen site

New production line for wood fibre insulation materials


Offering sustainable wood-based solutions for a better life is Sonae Arauco's purpose. The company, which is one of the world's leading suppliers of engineered wood solutions, therefore wants to complete its AGEPAN® SYSTEM of sustainable construction components for roofs, walls and floors with additional products. To this end, Sonae Arauco is investing more than 100 million euros in its Meppen industrial unit, in Emsland. A new production line for wood fibre insulation materials is to be built here, which from 2025 will expand the portfolio to include flex insulation, pressure-resistant wood fibre insulation boards, and blow-in insulation.


"Our investment in the Meppen plant is the largest in Sonae Arauco's history so far," said Steffen Körner, General Manager and NEE Industrial Operations Director at Sonae Arauco. "Meppen is a key plant for us in Germany, because it is where we produce our insulation solutions for construction. And, with this investment, we are not only strengthening its role in the growth of Sonae Arauco’s portfolio for construction, but we are also expressing our long-term commitment to the region of Meppen, as well as to the almost 200 local employees who work at the site."

Sonae Arauco focuses on the development of sustainable wood-based solutions with high-added value for construction, furniture, and interior design. Made from renewable and recyclable resources, the products are part of a circular biological economy and contribute to a better future. Buildings today account for more than 40 percent of energy consumption and are responsible for more than 36 percent of greenhouse gas emissions associated with energy use. Here, wood offers a sustainable solution because it has the special ability to store CO2. Every year, for example, the products marketed by Sonae Arauco absorb around 2 million tons of CO2. Therefore, as one of the leading suppliers of wood-based solutions, the company wants to leverage the important role of its portfolio in the sustainable transformation of the construction industry.


"Our wood-based solutions combine an outstanding environmental balance with a robust technical performance. The AGEPAN® SYSTEM stands for the highest functionality in combination with sustainability and healthy living. By expanding our range with the new production line, we are exploiting our potential even better and further driving an environmentally conscious economy of the future. This strategic step gives us the opportunity to be part of the upheaval in the construction industry, in which wood as a material is extremely relevant," says Bernd Runge, Sonae Arauco’s Construction System Project Manager.




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