Sonae Arauco Valladolid
Sonae Arauco Valladolid

Sonae Arauco Valladolid starts up a 7.2 MWp photovoltaic solar energy project, in collaboration with Capwatt, which will generate 25% of the plant's electricity consumption.

  • The project was made possible in partnership with Capwatt and is expected to last 10 years

  • With this supply of renewable energy, the emission of 2000 tonnes of CO2 per year will be avoided

Sonae Arauco has signed a contract with Capwatt for the supply of renewable electricity in Valladolid, through the installation of a photovoltaic plant at this industrial unit. The project, which is expected to be completed in the first half of 2025, involves the installation of over 13,000 photovoltaic panels, which will prevent the emission of 2,000 tonnes of CO2 per year, ensuring the production of 25% of the plant’s total electricity consumption.

Following the announcement of Sonae Arauco's PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) in Linares last year, this project in Valladolid reinforces the company's commitment to carbon neutrality through initiatives that offer better energy efficiency at its industrial plants.

Alberto Castrillo, Valladolid's Plant Manager, assures: "This project is another major step in diversifying clean energy production sources and ensures a significant part of the Valladolid plant energy needs, reducing its dependence on fossil fuel energy, in line with Sonae Arauco's decarbonisation objectives." He adds: "The choice of Capwatt as a partner in the energy transition gives Sonae Arauco great confident for this project, not only because of its consolidated experience and technical expertise in this field of efficient energy solutions for industry, but also because we share a vision oriented towards sustainability and the fight against climate change."

According to Fernando Martin Nieto, Head of Decentralised Solutions at Capwatt, "this agreement reinforces Capwatt's commitment to supporting its industrial partners in the implementation of efficient and technically robust energy solutions that enable emissions to be reduced, such as this one and others, such as the supply of biomethane, thermal energy installations using biomass, etc., improving their operational performance, generating positive economic impacts and contributing to the achievement of their sustainable development objectives".

Sonae Arauco has been working on the evolution of the entire value chain to reduce the carbon footprint associated with its activity, and announcement of a new renewable energy PPAs for other industrial units is expected soon.  This is a strategic area of action for the company which, since its creation, has developed its activity very much in line with the new paradigm of sustainable development. From the adoption of a circular economy business model, to the pioneering study of more productive forest species, which began in Portugal - through a Forestry R&D project, to recycling, which comprises a network of 11 centers of its own for collecting and processing recycled wood in Iberia, and the remarkable CO2 retention associated with the products it puts on the market, the company is determined to contribute to a better life, a better future and a better planet.




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