Bring springtime indoors with Innovus
Bring springtime indoors with Innovus
14 March

Bring springtime indoors with Innovus

The freshest and most colourful season brings with it a generalised desire for renovation, especially in interior decoration. We bid farewell to cold, grey days and reconnect with the outdoors, finding inspiration in the elements of nature.

The handmade concept and adding value to products made from natural raw materials are two of the trends that are here to stay. By choosing wooden structures, you can recreate a more rustic environment without compromising on sophistication. Mediterranean (4451) is a timeless, elegant choice, in a shade of light brown that exudes comfort and harmony. The second suggestion is Sanctuary Oak (M6280) | Fusion, a decor that conveys a deep connection to nature, with rustic oak and full of light contrasts.

Unbleached and green shades prevail in the trends for this spring: they bring a feeling of serenity and adapt to different decorative styles. The colours of nature bring the landscape to mind and turn each creation into a veritable oasis of wellbeing. Innovus Cotton (L5200) and Eden (L5231) make it easy to design a welcoming space, where you can feel relaxed.

The Stucco texture increases the visual and tactile interest of the Cotton (L5200) decor, which stands out for its pale grey combined with a warmer shade of beige. The deep green of the Eden (L5231) decor, which takes its inspiration from the power of ancient forests, acts as a balance with more neutral designs and adds to the beauty of any project.

For a more creative approach, create highlights with the Seastone Pale (F2295) | Cosmos decor. A terrazzo structure inspired by classic Italian floors, captivating due to its authentic, textured surface.

Take inspiration from the Innovus Collection and create new design concepts that are in line with your ideas and needs. Use our Simulator, a free tool that allows you to preview how our products will look in different settings.

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