New trends for our living spaces
New trends for our living spaces
02 June

New trends for our living spaces

Due to the pandemic, homes have turned into offices, classrooms and even gyms. Kitchens, for example, took on a new meaning when they became the heart of the home, where we opened the doors to homemade restaurants and enjoyed happy moments with the family.

There has thus been more demand for flexible spaces that privilege the comfort aesthetic but that at the same time present bold proposals incorporating new textures in the places that are used most.

Bárbara Vargas, who got her degree in Architecture and Urbanism in Brazil in 2009, is currently doing a master’s degree course in Interior Design. She has worked with a mix of styles in her projects, focusing closely on fantasy decors, particularly in this new kitchen concept.

During this short interview, Bárbara shared the world trends in architecture and interior design and the importance of enhancing projects through the use of added value products.

- Where do you get your inspiration for developing trending projects for kitchens and bathrooms?

The world has been increasingly demanding homes that are more versatilecomfortable and multifunctional. Along these lines, a new and more welcoming minimalism is emerging. The spaces require a mix of styles, with warmer colours and organic shapes.

Another interesting trend is related to the use of stone in furniture. The Innovus Collection fantasies come in response to this trend and are an excellent option, given that natural stone is too heavy for use in doors and drawers, making the project more elaborate and difficult to implement.

There is visible use of stone with clearly marked veins, both in kitchens and in bathrooms, giving these spaces more importance and sophistication.



The pandemic changed the way we perceive and experience our homes. How should projects reflect this change?

The pandemic brought major changes to our relationship with our homes in general. The comfort aesthetic is now much more valued. People are now looking for more comfortable, less sterile environments where they can enjoy quality time with the family.

In Brazil, the kitchen has always been a place for socialising but in Portugal, you still see a lot of plans with closed kitchens – although this is changing now too. The kitchen is no longer simply a place providing a service, but has now become a space for socialising... It's wonderful to cook in the company of friends and family.

Designing kitchens that are functional, ergonomic, with good timeless aesthetics and that really meet the needs of the people using this space is essential. This should all be in line with the products used in the projects because a kitchen should remain operational and modern for a long time.



- What stands out for you in Sonae Arauco’s products?

Irrespective of people's style and market trends, pleasant, functional and welcomingenvironments can be created with the help of brands like Sonae Arauco.

Innovus decorative products stand out for their quality and the wide variety of colours and textures. Each decor opens up a range of possibilities with a lot of potential.

Each project conveys a message and tells the story of the people who will be living in these spaces. And some choices can completely change the message conveyed by the environment.

The Innovus Collection has made it easier for me to give full rein to my imagination because I can be sure I’ll find the ideal decor for my designs.



Get inspired by the Innovus Collection and request your free samples via our website.

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